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While we’ve been providing secretarial and editing services for some 30 years, this site is new!  Please be patient while it becomes a fully functional resource–once complete, you’ll be able to see a menu to your left where you can determine what type of services you need, then click to read more about how to proceed and what to expect so that you can efficiently upload your digital files and download the finished product.  My goal is to eventually include quite a few helpful hints, links and resources along the way.  In the meantime, if you’re ready to submit a project for a cost assessment or other assistance, don’t hesitate to call me, at 785-249-1187 or utilize the contact us link.



  “There are competent editors and careful editors, and even a few that congenitally care about the spirit and letter of their work. Janice Matthews meets and exceeds all those qualities and is fast, insightful and ferociously meticulous to boot. In the near forty years I have been toiling in the fields of print and now web publishing, I have never met or worked with anyone who is more capable, committed and trustworthy. Didn’t mean to overcrowd this little riff with so many superlatives, but what to do? She is literally amazing and they are in fact the honest truth.”

                    WDK – Project Censored award-winning journalist, correspondent and website developer, currently Contributing Editor at Kyoto Journal


With extensive experience proofreading, editing, transcribing and writing, you can be assured PDQ will provide you with excellent service, in a timely manner, at a reasonable cost, as well as a professional and pleasant interaction, no matter what type of communication you’re creating.

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With best wishes for productive success in all your writing endeavors, and a peaceful and exciting 2011,

Janice Matthews